You can reach Apa by hiking along the wide Chico River and it’s surrounding rice fields. Say hello to our friendly caribous who are grazing along the river. Later, you enter the 3 km long irrigation channel and reach Apa on comfortable foot path. Better start early in the morning not to miss the many brids along the river and forests, like the Kingfisher and the Scale Feathered Malkoha.

After a refreshing bath in the natural river pools of Apa, an wide vally is waiting for you to be discovered. Kilometers of stone walls from ancient rice fields are now lying under a forest cover and waiting to be discovered.

If you are a mountaineer, you can not miss the mossy forest on the footpath up to Mount Kalawitan.

Bird scientists from HARIBON Fondation and Alaska University Museum have discovered almost 60 different bird species in Apa in April 2009 and January 2010 respectively. Since then, Apa became as one of the bird hot spots of the philippines. Brind your binocular and be ready early morning and late afternnon for new discoveries.

And of course, every evening Apa has it’s camp fire. Listen to the stories of Mount Kalawitan and Sabangan, share your experiences as a traveller and observe the firefly curving above the trees. With the Sabangan Mountain Guides, you are in good company!